SHURE Presentation

SHURE Presentation

Session Outline

The Roadshow by Rentex 2020 in Boston

  1. Intro and Overview
  2. Update to Spectrum
  3. Axient Digital Hardware Overview
  4. Axient Digital Hardware Components
  5. Axient Digital Hardware New Features
  6. Axient Digital Hardware Transmitters
  7. Spectral Efficiency
  8. Quadversity Efficiency
  9. Frequency Diversity
  10. Interference Detection and Avoidance
  11. Showlink Transmitter and Registration Demo
  12. Axient Digital Software
  13. Twinplex
  14. MXCW (Microflex Conference Wireless) - Components
  15. MXCW (Microflex Conference Wireless) - Demo of the software

About the Session

In this presentation from the Roadshow by Rentex - 2020 Boston, we look into the Axient Digital Hardware, Frequency Diversity, and many other topics presented by SHURE.